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Table 4 Sporothrix isolation within different biological samples

From: Domestic feline contribution in the transmission of Sporothrix in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil: a comparison between infected and non-infected populations

  CRG (p/n) +SG (p/n) -SG (p/n) Total (p/n)
Nail Fragments 0/174 29/86* 2/80 31/340
Oral Cavity 1/66 30/66* 3/57 34/190
  1. CRG Colonization Research Group, +SG Positive Sporotrichosis Group, -SG Negative Sporotrichosis Group; p = positive
  2. *Differences were not observed in colonization between oral cavity and nail fragments (χ2 = 2.158; p = 0.1418)