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Table 2 CoV and PMV positive samples for which a sequence is available

From: Coronavirus and paramyxovirus in bats from Northwest Italy

Species ID Sample type Capture date Site Settinga Sex/ageb CoV sequence (AN)/CoV genus PMV sequence (AN)
Myotis nattereri 560 Feces 31/08/13 CN1 T roost M/ad Mnat560_IT_13
562 Urine F/juv Mnat562_IT_13
1021 Feces 16/08/14 TO7 R roost F/juv Mnat1021_IT_14
Pipistrellus pipistrellus 1015 Urine 05/08/14 VC8 R roost F/ad Ppip1015C_IT_14
Ppip1015P_IT_14 (KY780403)
1016 Feces F/juv Ppip1016_IT_14
1000 Feces 11/08/14 VC9 Fora-ging M/ad Ppip1000_IT_14
Pipistrellus kuhlii 600 Feces 19/08/14 CN2 R roost F/ad   Pkuh600_IT_14 (KY780401)
605 Feces F/ad Pkuh605_IT_14
621 Urine 06/08/14 AL10 R roost F/ad   Pkuh621_IT_14 (KY780402)
Myotis myotis 4658 Feces 15/08/16 CN4 R roost   Mmyo4658_IT_16
4663 Feces Mmyo4663_IT_16
Myotis oxygnathus 4235 Feces 06/07/16 SV12 R roost   Moxy4235_IT_16
Plecotus auritus 4241 Feces 20/09/16 CN5 Swar-ming M/ad Paur4241_IT_16
Rhinolophus ferrumequinum 4009 Feces 04/07/16 CN6 R roost   Rfer4009_IT_16
4011 Feces   Rfer4011_IT_16
4015 Feces   Rfer4015_IT_16
4019 Feces   Rfer4019_IT_16
4024 Feces   Rfer4024_IT_16
4025 Feces   Rfer4025_IT_16
4027 Feces   Rfer4027_IT_16
4674 Feces 13/07/16 AL11 R roost   Rfer4674_IT_16
4675 Feces   Rfer4675_IT_16
  1. ID: Identification number corresponds to the progressive and unique number assigned to each analyzed sample. Site codes are displayed in Fig. 1
  2. athe setting where bats were caught, R roost: reproductive roost; T roost: temporary roost
  3. bage definitions are juv: juvenile and ad: adult