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Table 4 Results from multivariable logistic regression showing identified factors associated with Salmonella spp. prevalence, with odds ratios with 95% Confidence Interval (CI) and corresponding p-values for the variables

From: Prevalence, antimicrobial susceptibility and risk factors associated with non-typhoidal Salmonella on Ugandan layer hen farms

Variable Level Odds Ratio 95% CI p-value
Farm size (no. of birds) Medium vs small 7.0 2.5–19.8 < 0.001
Large vs small 5.9 2.1–16.1 0.001
Presence of other animal species Present vs absent 5.0 2.1–16.1 < 0.001
Houses for new birds Present vs absent 0.4 0.2–0.8 0.014
Records Present vs absent 6.7 2.2–20.2 0.001