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Fig. 5

From: Polysplenia syndrome with duodenal and pancreatic dysplasia in a Holstein calf: a case report

Fig. 5

Location of organs surrounding pancreas and morphology of pancreas. a Left lateral view of organs and vessels located at craniodorsal region of abdominal cavity. Left of panels (a-c), cranial; upper, dorsal. b Schema of positional relationships among pancreas, duodenum, jejunum, liver and portal vein according to panel (a). c Left lateral view of isolated duodenum, jejunum, pancreas and mesojejunum. Dashed line, pancreas; solid circle, opening of accessory pancreatic duct. d Morphology of pancreas. Arrow, pancreatic notch. Bar = 10 cm. 1, omasum; 2, pylorus; 3, duodenum; 4, jejunum; 5, liver; 6, gall bladder; 7, ventral spleen; 8, dorsal spleen; 9, pancreas; 10, left kidney; 11, mesojejunum; 12, portal vein; 13, splenic artery; 14, right lobe of pancreas; 15, body of pancreas

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