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Fig. 4

From: Polysplenia syndrome with duodenal and pancreatic dysplasia in a Holstein calf: a case report

Fig. 4

Morphology and location of liver. a. Left lateral view of liver located at cranioventral region of abdominal cavity. Arrows, round ligament. Left of panels, cranial to body; upper, dorsal. b Diaphragmatic (upper) and visceral (lower) surfaces of liver. c and d Histological properties of liver. Dashed lines indicate hepatic lobules in panel (c). Arrows and arrowheads, central veins and portal canals, respectively, in panel (d). Masson-Goldner staining. Bars = 10 cm (b) and 500 (c) and 200 (d) μm. 1, left lobe; 2, right lobe, 3, gall bladder; 4, falciform ligament; 5, diaphragm; 6, rumen; 7, reticulum

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