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Table 4 Questionnaire for Local Sanitary Entities (LSE) officials

From: Methodology for the assessment of brucellosis management practices and its vaccination campaign: example in two Argentine districts

Items   Experts’ opinion Weighting
Ideal Not ideal Total [A] CV Weighted Factor
The LSE audits the vaccination process Yes No 51.0 0.107 0.102
Frequency of LSE audits Twice per campaign Other 35.0 0.484 0.070
Aspects audited by the LSE All of them None of them 37.0 0.377 0.074
The LSE advertises dates of the vaccination campaign beforehand Yes No 30.0 0.440 0.060
The LSE plans the date for vaccination with the farmers beforehand Yes No 36.0 0.432 0.072
The LSE controls the temperature at which the vaccine is supplied by the producing laboratories Yes No 50.0 0.353 0.100
Temperature at which the vaccine is stored at the LSE 2–8 ° C Other 55.0 0.203 0.110
The LSE checks the temperature of the fridge in which the vaccines are stored Yes No 57.0 0.192 0.114
Frequency of temperature control Twice a day Other 37.0 0.454 0.074
The LSE supplies the vaccine to vaccinators in cooled boxes Yes No 55.0 0.240 0.110
The LSE receives the surplus of vaccine brought back by vaccinators by the end of the day Yes No 22.0 0.565 0.044
The LSE controls the temperature at which the vaccine surpluses are brought Yes No 35.0 0.404 0.070
  1. Legend: CV = coefficient of variation [A] Average of points distributed by the experts, per item. [B] Weighted factor per item. This value was obtained after dividing [A] by the total of points distributed by each expert (100 points). The sum of all weighted items equals 1
  2. List of items, possible answers, experts’ opinion and weighting