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Table 3 Vaccinators’ questionnaire

From: Methodology for the assessment of brucellosis management practices and its vaccination campaign: example in two Argentine districts

Items Answers Experts’ opinion Weighting
Ideal Not ideal Total [A] CV Weighted Factor [B]
Checking of the vaccine expiration date before its use Yes No 38.0 0.547 0.076
A different syringe is used for Brucellosis and foot-and-mouth vaccines Yes No 31.0 0.447 0.062
There must be vacuum in the flask containing the lyophilized product Yes No 36.0 0.432 0.072
Softly shake of the vaccine flask after adding the diluent to the lyophilized product Yes No 34.0 0.351 0.068
Make sure there is no air in the syringe before injecting the vaccine Yes No 29.0 0.446 0.058
Frequency at which air verification is performed Each time it is uploaded Other 17.0 0.675 0.034
The needle is changed between farms Yes No 38.0 0.799 0.076
Syringe calibration Yes No 41.0 0.264 0.082
Frequency of syringe calibration Each time it is uploaded Other 21.0 0.547 0.042
Homogenization of the vaccine flask during vaccination Yes No 39.0 0.246 0.078
Frequency of vaccine homogenization Each time it is uploaded Other 16.0 0.978 0.032
Maximal delay for using the vaccine after adding the diluent to the lyophilized product <5 h Other 42.0 0.246 0.084
Vaccine storage place while vaccinating In a cooled box, in the shade Other 35.0 0.335 0.070
The vaccine is injected again if some of it drops after the first injection Yes No 23.0 0.6974 0.046
Vaccinators notice the double injections in the vaccination records Yes No 7.0 0.719 0.014
Future of empty vaccine flasks once vaccination is completed LSEs Other 10.0 0.692 0.020
The number of vaccinated females and doses used are recorded n vaccinated females and doses used Other 32.0 0.422 0.064
Vaccinators wear personal protective equipment (e.g. gloves, goggles, and overalls) Yes No 11.0 0.956 0.022
  1. Legend: CV = coefficient of variation [A] Average of points distributed by the experts, per item. [B] Weighted factor per item. This value was obtained after dividing [A] by the total of points distributed by each expert (100 points). The sum of all weighted items equals 1
  2. List of items, possible answers, experts’ opinion and weighting