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Table 1 Demographic and management characteristics of ten pigs with severe tungiasis

From: High intensity of Tunga penetrans infection causing severe disease among pigs in Busoga, South Eastern Uganda

Parameter Proportions or value
Village (number of pigs/total number of 10 pigs)
 Masolya 9/10
 Busindha 1/10
Age in months: Median (range) 8.3 (2.5–24)
Sex ratio (Male/Female) 3/7
Management system Scavenging/tetheringa (number of pigs/total number) 10/10
Ectoparasite control: (Number of pigs/total number) 0/10
Helminth controlb (number of pigs/total of 10 pigs) 1/10
  1. aManagement changed during the seasons of the year
  2. bUsed 150 mg tablet of levamisole (Wormicid® 150, Cosmos, Kenya)