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Table 2 Effects of ingested Achatherum inebrians on clinical symptoms of sheep

From: Effects of feeding drunken horse grass infected with Epichloë gansuensis endophyte on animal performance, clinical symptoms and physiological parameters in sheep

Group1 Ratio2 (%) Duration (d) Clinical symptoms
E+ 100 Day 1–35 Flagging spirit and bowed-down heads; unsteady gait; unresponsive and anorexia.
100 Day 1–21; 22–35; 1-35th Body weight fell sharply during week 1 to 3; and declined gradually thereafter.
Body temperature rose.
100 Day 1–14 Heart beat faster at first, but gradually became steady.
20 At the day 35 By the Day 35, one sheep pupils dilated, neck stiff, limb tics, nasal mucosal bleeding, difficulty breathing, and was dead in about three hours.
E- 100 Day 1–35 Normal and free of all clinical symptoms
100 Day 1–7 Initially weight declined slightly, and then returned to normal.
Control 100 All 35 days The physical indicators were normal.
  1. 1E+ = drunken horse grass, Epichloë endophyte-infected; E- = drunken horse grass, endophyte-free
  2. 2The ratio refers to the animal number of clinical symptoms to total observed objects in the group during the trial period