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Table 5 Amino acid differences between the strains from the pig and horses

From: Geospatial and temporal associations of Getah virus circulation among pigs and horses around the perimeter of outbreaks in Japanese racehorses in 2014 and 2015

   Pig strain Horse strains
Protein Position 15-I-1105 14-I-605-C1 14-I-605-C2 15-I-752
Non-structural polyproteina
 nsP1 58 I V V V
  354 A A V A
  385 V L V V
  427 I T T I
  475 I M M M
 nsP3 1694 A A A V
  1814 V E E E
 nsP4 2114 T A A T
Structural polyproteinb
 E1 1113 S N N N
  1. aNon-structural polyprotein (nsP1–2–3-4) has 2467 amino acids
  2. bStructural polyprotein (C-E3-E2-6 K-E1) has 1253 amino acids