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Table 1 Behaviors of roe deer recorded during handling and release. The score represents the judgement of an experienced handler (same person for all measures) as to how excited each animal was during handling and release, relative to other individuals in the population, displaying representative combinations of behaviors

From: Quantifying capture stress in free ranging European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus)

Score Behavior during handling Behavior upon release
0 Calm. No resistance. No kicking or screaming. Leaving the place slowly. Stops several times.
1 Calm. Screams not more than twice. Almost no kicking. Runs away, but stops after a short distance.
2 Intermittent screaming and kicking, but apparently calm. Runs away without stopping until out of sight.
3 High resistance. Screaming and kicking more, but can be handled.  
4 Extreme resistance. Almost impossible to handle. Impossible to take proper measurements.