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Table 2 Endocrinology panela

From: Restored vision in a young dog following corticosteroid treatment of presumptive hypophysitis

Analyte Value Unit Reference range
Thyroxine (T4) by RIAb 16.6 nmol/l 13–52
Free T4 equilibrium dialysis (RIAb) 7.1 pmol/l 7–40
TSH by IRMAc 0.23 ng/ml <0.41
Thyroid antiglobulin antibody 52 % <200
IGF-1 47 ng/ml >200 adults of large breeds
>500 puppies
<50 dwarfism
>1000 acromegaly
  1. a(NationWide Specialist Laboratories, Cambridge; Canine Platinum Thyroid Profile and IGF-1); bradioimmunoassay; cimmunoradiometric assay. Note low IGF-1 and borderline low free T4, with normal total T4, TSH and thyroid antiglobulin antibody. TSH thyroid stimulating hormone, IGF-1 insulin-like growth factor-1