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Table 1 Reported cases of hypophysitis in the dog

From: Restored vision in a young dog following corticosteroid treatment of presumptive hypophysitis

Signalment Presentation Treatment Outcome Diagnosis Reference
9 y MN Samoyed 3 y dermatitis and blepharitis Medical therapy Euthanasia Lymphoplasmacytic adenohypophysitis and sebaceous adenitis [10]
4.5 y FE Great Pyrenees 2 m progressive paresis and pelvic limb muscle atrophy Prednisolone
Euthanasia Lymphocytic adenohypophysitis and adrenalitis with polyendocrine syndromea [8]
10 y FE Crossbreed 3 m progressive anorexia and weight loss; gastroenteritis, pyrexia IVFT
Sudden death Lymphoplasmacytic adenohypophysitis with adrenal insufficiency and giardiasis [11]
8 y ME German Longhaired Pointer Acute onset PUPD, exercise intolerance, dull mentation and hair coat Desmopressin
Euthanasia Lymphocytic hypophysitis with central diabetes insipidus [5]
6 y MN
Scottish Terrier
One week progressive lethargy, anorexia, pelvic limb ataxia Not reported Death after acute severe hypernatraemia Lymphocytic panhypophysitis with extension to hypothalamus and polyendocrine syndromeb [4]
  1. ahypothyroidism and hypoadrenocorticism; bsuspected primary hypoadrenocorticism and secondary hypothyroidism; PUPD polyuria/polydipsia, IVFT intravenous fluid therapy, MN neutered male, FN neutered female, ME intact male, FE intact female. Note that the sellar xanthogranuloma with polyendocrine syndrome in a 7 year-old neutered male Standard Poodle reported by Cramer et al. [9] is not included in the table due to current controversy regarding the classification of this as a separate entity from hypophysitis, based on pathogenesis