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Table 2 Survival times in dogs with CTCL (in months)

From: Is CCNU (lomustine) valuable for treatment of cutaneous epitheliotropic lymphoma in dogs? A critically appraised topic

  CCNU Prednisolone Retinoidsa PEG L-asparaginaseb No treatment
References N S N S N S N S N S
Fontaine, 2010 [8]c 7 6 6 4      3 5
White, 1993 [9]c      5 11    
Moriello, 1993 [10]d        7 9  
Beale, 1993 [11]e         8 3
  1. Abbreviations: N number, S median or mean survival times (in months) after diagnosis or treatment
  2. athe concurrent use of glucocorticoids was allowed
  3. bthree patients also received glucocorticoids, one patient was also treated with vincristine/cyclophosphamide and doxorubicin
  4. cMost dogs were euthanized; the specific number of dogs was not specified
  5. dAll dogs were euthanized
  6. ethe number of dogs euthanized was not specified