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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study

From: A novel Salmonella strain inactivated by a regulated autolysis system and expressing the B subunit of Shiga toxin 2e efficiently elicits immune responses and confers protection against virulent Stx2e-producing Escherichia coli

Strain/plasmid Description Reference/source
Bacterial strains
E. coli
 BL21(DE3)pLysS F ompT hsdSB (rB mB) dcm galλ(DE3) pLysS Cmr Promega
 JOL232 F λ ϕ80 Δ(lacZYA-argF) endA1 recA1 hadR17 deoR thi-1 glnV44 gyrA96 relA1 ΔasdA4 Lab stock
 JOL606 Wild-type LT+, K99+, F6+,F18+, stx 2 +, stx 2e + STEC isolate from pig Lab stock
 JOL654 Wild-type LT+,F18+,STa+, stx 2 +, stx 2e + STEC isolate from pig Lab stock
S. Typhimurium
 JOL912 Δlon ΔcpxR Δasd, a derivative of S. Typhimurium [20]
 JOL 1400 JOL912 harboring pJHL184 This study
 JOL 1454 JOL912 harboring pJHL184-stx 2eB This study
 pET28a IPTG-inducible expression vector; Kmr Novagen
 pET28a-stx 2eB pET28a derivative containing stx 2eB This study
 pJHL184 asd + vector, pBR ori plasmid carrying ss ompA/His6, multiple cloning site, cI857/λPR promoter, araC ParaBAD, phiX174 lysis gene E [47]
 pJHL184-stx 2eB pJHL184 harboring stx 2eB gene This study