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Table 1 Ruminant pestivirus isolates selected for SNT

From: Influence of border disease virus (BDV) on serological surveillance within the bovine virus diarrhea (BVD) eradication program in Switzerland

Pestivirus Subgenotype Isolate Species Sourced Reference
BDV Swiss-a R9336/11 Cattle IVV/IVI BE [40]
BDV Swiss-b R4785/06/CH-BD4 Sheep IVV/IVI BE [44]
BDV 3 R1343/01/CH-BD1 Sheep IVV/IVI BE [36]
BDV 1a Moredun Sheep P. Nettletona [72]
BVDV-1 1h CH-04-01b Cattle IVV/IVI BE [30]
BVDV-1 1e CH-Maria Cattle IVV/IVI BE [30]
BVDV-1 1k CH-Suwa (ncp)c Cattle IVV/IVI BE [30]
BVDV-1 1b CH-04-05 Cattle IVV/IVI BE [30]
BVDV-1 1a R1935/72 (cp)c Cattle IVV/IVI BE [59]
BVDV-2 2a 890 Cattle J. F. Ridpathb [73]
  1. aMoredun Research Institute, Edinburgh, Scotland
  2. bNational Animal Disease Center, Ames IA, USA
  3. c cp cytopathogenic, ncp non-cytopathogenic
  4. dIVV/IVI BE = Institute of Veterinary Virology/Institute of Virology and Immunology, Bern