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Table 3 LPS concentration in rumen and plasma of dairy cows fed low concentrate (LC) and high concentrate (HC)

From: Lipopolysaccharide derived from the digestive tract triggers an inflammatory response in the uterus of mid-lactating dairy cows during SARA

LPS concentration (EU/mL) Treatmenta    
  LC HC SEMb p-Value
Rumen LPS 47170 79040 7966.25 <0.01
Jugular vein Plasma LPS 470 860 81.26 <0.001
  1. a HC high concentrate diet, LC low concentrate diet, EU endotoxin unit
  2. b SEM Standard error of the mean between the two groups
  3. The LPS data were compared using Student’s t-test between HC and LC groups
  4. P ≤ 0.05 was considered significant