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Table 2 Average radiographic bone GV for each periprosthetic acetabular zone 4 months postoperatively, expressed as a percentage of immediate postoperative value

From: Radiographic evaluation of early periprosthetic acetabular bone contrast and prosthetic head acetabular coverage after uncemented and cemented total hip prosthesis in dogs

Zone Region At 4 months (%)a
(Uncemented THA)
At 4 months (%)a
(Cemented THA)
1 Cranial (iliac) acetabulum 106.0 104.5
2 Central (pubic) acetabulum 108.9 104.0
3 Caudal (ischial) acetabulum 109.5 102.5
  1. GV gray scale value
  2. THA total hip arthroplasty
  3. aPercentage of immediate postoperative value