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Table 1 Lameness score adopted in our study (AAEP score)

From: Pro-inflammatory cytokines and structural biomarkers are effective to categorize osteoarthritis phenotype and progression in Standardbred racehorses over five years of racing career

Score 0 = sound in all circumstances (walk, trot and fast work at the racetrack)
Score 1 = lameness difficult to detect and not consistently obvious, regardless of circumstancesa
Score 2 = lameness undetectable at walk and difficult to detect at trot in straight line, but consistently apparent under certain circumstances of fast worka
Score 3 = lameness consistently detectable at trot in straight line and under all circumstances
Score 4 = obvious lameness at walk
Score 5 = minimal weight bearing
  1. aall racehorses with low-grade lameness scores were observed during fast work at the racetrack for proper assessment of 1/5 and 2/5 lameness scores