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Table 1 The 21 fields of the XML schema

From: A method for extracting electronic patient record data from practice management software systems used in veterinary practice

  Name of field (description where required)
Animal fields Practice ID (numerical)
Animal ID (numerical)
Gender and Neuter Status
Notable Conditions (e.g. allergies)
Remarks (e.g. aggressive)
Deceased (Yes/No)
Dangerous (Yes/No)
Insured (Yes/No)
Date of Birth
Body Weight
Body Weight units (e.g. kg)
Last Weight Date
Registration Date (at the practice)
Consultation information fields Date (of entry)
Time (of entry)
Entered By ID (person who entered the data-numerical identification)
Text Entry (free text for consultation and health notes, insurance details, test results)
Diagnosis (practice specific codes or treatments (including trade name, drug name, drug dose and length of course of treatment) and prescriptions)
VeNom Code (from VeNom coding group)