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Fig. 1

From: New insight into dolphin morbillivirus phylogeny and epidemiology in the northeast Atlantic: opportunistic study in cetaceans stranded along the Portuguese and Galician coasts

Fig. 1

Standard curve and equation for the determination of the efficiency of the RT-qPCR for the molecular detection of DMV. The N gene fragment obtained in the RT-qPCR reaction was cloned into a plasmid vector (Pgem Teasy – Promega) and serial tenfold dilutions of the recombinant plasmid DNA were amplified by qPCR in duplicate reactions and used to construct the standard curve. Y axis represents the mean CT values obtained from the duplicates and X axis represents the LOG10 of calculated copy numbers (ranging from 2.24E + 08 to 224 copies). Calculated efficiency of 81 % was determined using the formula: Efficiency = 10(-1/slope) x (-1). Results showed a high correlation (R2 = 0.997)

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