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Table 2 Daily dose, duration of lead exposure and clinical findings in dogs given dietary lead experimentally

From: Lead intoxication in dogs: risk assessment of feeding dogs trimmings of lead-shot game

Daily dose and chemical form Duration Age and breed (number of dogs) Clinical and pathological findings References
1 mg lead acetate/kg bw/day 20 weeks 3 months old hounds (n = 6) Increased blood pressure and plasma renin activity [31]
2 or 5 mg lead acetate/kg bw/day 13 weeks 2 months old beagles (n = 4) Lowered ALA-D activity, increased number of nucleated erythrocytes [30]
50 or 100 mg lead carbonate/kg bw/day 1 week One year old beagles (n = 2) Increased hepatic enzyme activity [38]
50 mg lead carbonate/kg bw/day 5 weeks One year old beagles (n = 2) Hepatic and renal histological changes, altered hepatic enzyme activity [38]
~3 mg lead acetate/kg bw/daya 12 weeks 1 month old mongrels (n = 3) Anemia, cachexia, increased organ weights, hepatic and renal lesions, bone malformation, altered blood chemistry [24]
  1. aLow Ca and P diet