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Table 2 Groups of cattle in different ’Physiological statuses’ and different age categories in the study (Eritrea, 2011)

From: Prevalence and risk factors of bovine tuberculosis in dairy cattle in Eritrea

Variables Description
Calf Young female/ male animal <2 years old
Bull Male animal (entire/ castrated) ≥2 years old
Heifer empty Young female animal ≥2 years old that hasn’t calved and is not pregnant
Heifer pregnant Young female animal ≥2 years old that is pregnant and hasn’t calved before
Lactating empty Mature ≥3 years old, lactating cow that is not pregnant
Lactating pregnant Mature ≥3 years old, lactating and pregnant cow
Dry pregnant Mature >3 years old pregnant cow that is approximately 4 to 8 weeks from calving, and not lactating
Age (three categories) <3 years old
3 to ≤5 years old
>5 years old