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Table 4 Test-retest repeatability of ten questions in the DOGRISK questionnaire

From: Validating and reliability testing the descriptive data and three different disease diagnoses of the internet-based DOGRISK questionnaire

Question Kappa statistic 95 % CI n
 Gender 0.96 0.92–0.99 241
 Season of birth 0.86 0.81–0.91 234
 Color of coat 0.80 0.73–0.87 218
 Born in owner family 0.96 0.89–1.04 244
Possibly not known when first responding    
 Body condition score when dog aged under 2 months 0.45 0.28–0.62 105
 Time spent outside when dog aged under 2 months 0.37 0.26–0.49 118
 Vaccinations as a puppy 0.67 0.048–1.28 230
Possibly changing with time    
 Tidiness of household 0.42 0.29–0.54 241
 Vaccinations as an adult (only dogs aged over 18 months included) 0.76 0.50–1.02 147
 Other dogs in household 0.71 0.60–0.81 198
  1. Comparing the repeatability of the DOGRISK questionnaire using Cohen’s Kappa in a subpopulation of dogs whose owners filled the questionnaire twice
  2. Consent from the dog owners’
  3. In the questionnaire the dog owners’ are informed that the results will be published in national and international journals. By filling in the questionnaire they give their consent to this
  4. Link to the questionnaire
  5. The questionnaire can be found from (only in Finnish)