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Table 2 Details of studies about allergens suspected of causing CAFRs in cats

From: Critically appraised topic on adverse food reactions of companion animals (2): common food allergen sources in dogs and cats

Reference Number of cats Number of individual rechallenges per cat Details of rechallenges Offending allergens and comments
Stogdale [1] 2 6 in 1 cat, unclear in the other Chicken, fish, beef, horse, mutton, milk in one cat, various fresh meats and commercial foods in the other cat, details unclear chicken, fish, beef in the first cat,
and not chicken and fish in the other cat (all other meats led to deterioration)
Walton [2] 18 unclear unclear cow's milk (7), beef (5), rabbit, chicken, whale meat (1 each)
White and Sequoia [3] 14 unclear various commercial diets, dairy products, fish were administered to 11 of 14 cats further details were not provided fish (6), dairy products (2)
Guilford et al. [6] 16 unclear, depending on the diet history 15-50 g of allergen daily for 7 days beef, corn, wheat (3 each), gluten, barley, chicken, lamb, sardines, lactose, viscera, food additives (1 each)
Reedy [14] 1 2 3 days of tuna and lamb tuna, lamb (1)
Guaguère [19] 10 unclear 2 weeks with each allergen beef (4), milk (3), fish (2), egg (1)
Walton et al. [22] 1 unclear 7 days with each allergen milk
Vogelnest and Cheng [27] 17   beef, chicken, lamb, fish, diary, wheat for 7 days each (attempted only in 8 cats and completed in 6 of them) fish (2), chicken (1), beef (1)