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Table 5 Questionnaire to the owners of dogs before, at three months and more than one year after pedicle screw-rod fixation for degenerative lumbosacral stenosis

From: Pedicle screw-rod fixation: a feasible treatment for dogs with severe degenerative lumbosacral stenosis

Types Questions
YES or NO questions Did the symptoms disappear after surgery?
Did the symptoms recur after surgery (after an initial improvement)?
Open questions How is your dog after surgery?
Does your dog refuse certain movements?
Did your dog receive further treatment after surgery?
Questions with a 10-point scale Does your dog have pain in the pelvic limbs and shows lameness?
Does your dog show weakness in the pelvic limbs?
Does your dog have low back pain?
Does your dog have difficulty rising up?
Does your dog have difficulty lying down?
How would you rate muscle volume in the pelvic limbs of your dog?
How is your dog holding its tail?
Is your dog able to wag its tail?
Does your dog show loss of control of urination and defecation?
Does your dog show pain when you touch the lower back?