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Table 1 Classification of severity (score) of clinical findings in calves with otitis

From: Clinical-pathological findings of otitis media and media-interna in calves and (clinical) evaluation of a standardized therapeutic protocol

Score Clinical findings
  Rectal Temperature
0 ≤ 39.2 °C
1 39.3 °C < T° < 40 °C
2 ≥ 40 °C
0 Normal feces
1 Feces softer than normal, but no diarrhea on tail
2 Diarrhea but not profuse, wet tail
3 Profuse watery diarrhea with blood and fibrin, wet tail
  Respiratory System
0 No respiratory signs
1* Induced or spontaneous cough
1* Nasal discharge
1* Eye discharge
*one point for each sign  
  Otoscopic Examination
0 Absence of purulent material
1* Presence of purulent material
*one point for each side (left/right)  
0 No signs of arthritis
1* Presence of arthritis
*one point for each affected joint