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Table 1 Categorization of outcome in individual patients

From: International veterinary epilepsy task force consensus proposal: outcome of therapeutic interventions in canine and feline epilepsy

Categories: seizure control
1. Seizure-free
2. Seizures continue with partial therapeutic success (specified: reduction in seizure frequency including information on seizure incidence, seizure severity, or reduction in frequency of seizure clusters and status epilepticus)
3. Seizures continue without partial therapeutic success
4. Undetermined (specify reason)
Categories: tolerability
A. No adverse effects
B. Adverse effects
C. Treatment not tolerated (substantial adverse effects resulting in discontinuation)
D. Undetermined (specify reason)
Consider that short-term and long-term success should be evaluated and should be indicated as discussed in the text. As outlined in the text respective outcome information should always include information about the drug regime. Table modified from [1].