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Table 1 M. avium subsp hominissuis spiked rabbit mucosa CTs of MycMavMtc PCR

From: Detection of Mycobacterium avium subspecies in the gut associated lymphoid tissue of slaughtered rabbits

   Mah spiked rabbit mucosa
high medium low
Dilution DNA Probe 7.66×106 (CFU/g) 7.66×104 (CFU/g) 7.66×102 (CFU/g)
1/1 ITSdenak UD UD UD
IS1311 31.77 UD UD
1/2 ITSdenak 43.56 UD UD
IS1311 28.5 36.66 UD
IAC 35.1 41.19 36.00
1/4 ITSdenak 39.7 UD UD
IS1311 28.85 34.50 UD
IAC 32.62 33.99 33.63
  1. Mah: M. avium subps. hominissuis, ITSdenak: detects Mycobacterium genus, IS1311: detects Mycobacterium avium, IAC: internal amplification control, UD: undetermined no threshold-crossing fluorescence, devR detecting Mtb complex members was UD for all assayed conditions