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Table 1 Polish ORF30 genotype of EHV-1 isolates by PCR-RFLP

From: Detection of the neuropathogenic variant of equine herpesvirus 1 associated with abortions in mares in Poland

Strain designation a Genotype at position 2254 Region b
PL/1999/I A 2254 LU
PL/1999/II A 2254 MA
PL/2001/I A 2254 LU
PL/2002/I A 2254 MA
PL/2003/I A 2254 WP
PL/2004/I A 2254 LU
PL/2004/II A 2254 PM
PL/2005/I A 2254 WM
PL/2006/I A 2254 MP
PL/2006/II A 2254 LU
PL/2007/I A 2254 MA
PL/2008/I A 2254 DS
PL/2009/I A 2254 SL
PL/2009/II G 2254 LU
PL/2010/I A 2254 MA
PL/2010/II G 2254 SL
PL/2010/III A 2254 LU
PL/2011/I A 2254 MP
PL/2012/I A 2254 MA
PL/2012/II A 2254 LU
  1. aBased on the year of isolation.
  2. bVoivodship SL-Silesian; MA-Masovian; WM-Warmian-Masurian.
  3. LU-Lublin; MP-Lesser Poland; PM-Pomeranian; DS-Lower Silesian.
  4. WP-Greater Poland. The regions are described in detail at: