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Table 1 Accession number and exon locations of primers for bovine, caprine and ovine gene expression

From: Design and evaluation of a unique SYBR Green real-time RT-PCR assay for quantification of five major cytokines in cattle, sheep and goats

Target gene Species Accession number a Exon position
Primer F Primer R
IL-4 Bos taurus NM_173921 E2 E3-E4
Capra hircus NM_001285681 E2 E3-E4
Ovis aries NM_001009313 E2 E3-E4
IL-10 Bos taurus NM_174088 E2-E3 E5
Capra hircus XM_005690416 E2-E3 E4-E5
Ovis aries NM_001009327 E2-E3 E4-E5
IL-12B Bos taurus NM_174356 E3-E4 E4–E5
Capra hircus NM_001285700 E3-E4 E4–E5
Ovis aries NM_001009438 E3-E4 E4–E5
INF-γ Bos taurus NM_174086 E3 E3-E4
Capra hircus NM_001285682 E2-E3 E3
Ovis aries NM_001009803 E2-E3 E3-E4
TNF-α Bos taurus NM_173966 E1–E2 E3–E4
Capra hircus NM_001286442 E1–E2 E3–E4
Ovis aries NM_001024860 E1–E2 E3–E4
GAPDH Bos taurus NM_001034034 E2-3 E4-5
Capra hircus XM_005680968 E2-E3 E4-5
Ovis aries NM_001190390 E2-E3 E4-5
H3F3A Bos taurus NM_00101489 E2 E2-E3
Capra hircus XM_005690530 E1 E1-E2
Ovis aries XM_004013633 E2 E2-E3
ACTB Bos taurus NM_173979 E4-E5 E5-E6
Capra hircus XM_005694067 E3-E4 E4-E5
Ovis aries NM_001009784 E4-E5 E5-E6
PPIA Bos taurus NM_178320 E4 E4-E5
Capra hircus XM_005679322 E3 E3-E4
Ovis aries XM_004013990 - -
YWHAZ Bos taurus NM_174814 E3-E4 E4-E5
Capra hircus XM_005689196 E3-E4 E4-E5
Ovis aries NM_001267887 E2-E3 E3-E4
  1. Abbreviations. F: forward; R: reverse; bp: base pair; IL, interleukin; IL12B, interleukin p40; TNF-α tumor necrosis factor-alpha; IFN-γ interferon-gamma; ACTB, beta-actin; GAPDH, Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase; H3F3A, H3-histone family 3A; PPIA, peptidylprolyl isomerase A; YWHAZ, tyrosine 3-monooxygenase/tryptophan 5-monooxygenase activation protein, zeta polypeptide;
  2. a: GenBank accession number.