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Table 4 Egg production rate in the immunized and unimmunized groups in experiment 2

From: Oral immunization with an attenuated Salmonella Gallinarum mutant as a fowl typhoid vaccine with a live adjuvant strain secreting the B subunit of Escherichia coliheat-labile enterotoxin

Group Week of age Averages
22 23 24 25
I 90.0a 93.7 91.7 91.7 91.7
II 91.4 92.9 90.5 95.3 92.5
III 90.0 95.7 94.3 92.5 93.1
  1. Group I chickens were primed and boosted with a JOL916-JOL1229 mixture, group II chickens were primed and boosted with SG9R, and group III chickens were inoculated with PBS as a control.
  2. aValues represent the percentages of egg production calculated as described in the section of methods.