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Figure 1

From: Organic acids for control of Salmonellain different feed materials

Figure 1

Effect of organic acids on the survival of Salmonella in rape seed meal. Recovery of the S. Typhimurium strain and the S. Infantis strain in rapeseed meal at different time points without exposure to acid (control) or exposed to 1% formic acid (FA) or a 1% mixture of formic and propionic acid (FA/PA) (80%:20%). The points show the mean values for two separate experiments with three replicate samples for each of the Salmonella strains. The lines show the fitted Weibull models with the following parameters C: N0=−0.53 log10 CFU/ml (SE 0.14), Δ= 359 h (SE 357 h), p=0.28 (SE 0.14). FA: N0=−0.98 log10 CFU/ml (SE = 0.14); Δ=24.40 h (SE 12.4 h), p= 0.34 (SE 0.08). FA/PA: N0=−0.98 log10 CFU/ml (SE 0.14), Δ=18 h (SE 8.5), p=0.31 (SE 0.12).

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