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Table 1 Pharmacokinetic parameters (mean ± SD) for enrofloxacin after oral administration (5 mg/kg) in dogs

From: Pharmacokinetic study on pradofloxacin in the dog – Comparison of serum analysis, ultrafiltration and tissue sampling after oral administration

Parameter Units PO Serum PO ISF
C max μg/ml 1.89±0.83 0.59±0.43
AUC 24 h*μg/ml 7.42±3.03 5.19±4.32
AUC inf h*μg/ml 7.59±3.09 7.54±3.89
T max h 1.66±0.52 5.33±2.31
T 1/2 h 3.18±1.5 4.47±0.42
T 24 h 20±6.92 16±6.92
λ z /h 0.26±0.11 0.16±0.02
MRT last h 3.70±0.55 7.30±1.14
MRT inf h 4.04±0.58 8.25±0.79
  1. Cmax maximum concentration; AUC24 area under the curve from time 0 to 24 hours; MRTlast mean residence time; λz first order rate constant of terminal portion of the curve; T1/2 half-life; Tmax time to maximal concentration; T 24 time of final measurement; AUCinf area under the curve from 0 extrapolated to infinity; MRTinf mean residence time from time 0 extrapolated to infinity for non-infusion models.