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Table 4 FMD sampling in Eastern Africa

From: Laboratory capacity for diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease in Eastern Africa: implications for the progressive control pathway

Country/ region Reporting time for sampling (days) When sampling is done Samples collected Number of samples Collected annually Duration of transport of samples (days)
Burundi 1-6 AC Serum, LEF 101-500 1-2
Djibouti 14 SAC Serum <100 3
Eritrea 21-30 AC, CH Serum, LEF >1000 1-3
Ethiopia 1-6 AC Serum, LEF, OP <100 2-7
Kenya 1-6 AC, post V SAC, CH, Res, pre V, Serum, LEF, OP 101-500 1-2
Puntland 1-6 AC Serum, LEF, OS >1000 2-3
Rwanda 1-6 AC Serum 501-1000 1
Somalia 1-6 AC, SAC Serum, LEF >1000 3-4
Somaliland 1-6 AC, SAC Serum, LEF >1000 3-4
South Sudan 1-6 AC, SAC Serum <100 1-2
Sudan 7 AC, SAC, CH Serum, LEF, OP nr 1-3
Tanzania 2-14 AC, SAC, CH, Res Serum, LEF,OP, OS, WB 101-500 1-2
Uganda 1-6 AC, CH, pre V Res, Sur Serum, LEF, OP, OS, SA 101-500 1-2
  1. AC: acute phase of outbreak, SAC: sub acute phase of outbreak, CH: chronic phase of outbreak, pre V: pre - outbreak vaccination, post V: post outbreak vaccination, Res: research, Sur: surveillance, LEF: lesion epithelium/fluid, OP: oropharyngeal fluids, OS: oral swabs, SA: saliva, WB: whole blood, nr: NRL did not reply to this question.