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Table 8 Differentially expressed unigenes annotated as immune-related

From: Transcriptome analysis of head kidney in grass carp and discovery of immune-related genes

Sequence name Description log2Ratio (VP/CP) Up-Down
cichka_Cluster2189.seq. Contig1 ig heavy chain v-iii region cam 9.552669098 Up
cichka_Cluster2214.seq. Contig1 complement c3 −1.234417227 Down
cichka_Cluster2335.seq. Contig1 myosin-if −1.616395009 Down
cichka_Cluster2337.seq. Contig1 adenylate kinase mitochondrial −2.622261042 Down
cichka_Cluster2612.seq. Contig1 beta-2-microglobulin 14.96510786 Up
cichka_Cluster2717.seq. Contig1 complement -binding mitochondrial 2.831849484 Up
cichka_Cluster2828.seq. Contig1 integrin alpha-l −3.476196501 Down
cichka_Cluster2872.seq. Contig1 beta-2-microglobulin −2.257387843 Down
cichka_Cluster2877.seq. Contig1 c-x-c chemokine receptor type 4 −2.941536738 Down
cichka_Cluster2908.seq. Contig1 fucolectin −3.57091306 Down
cichka_Cluster2379.seq. Contig1 40s ribosomal protein s15a −2.133495724 Down
cichka_Cluster1269 lysozyme c −5.60930435 Down
cichka_Cluster634 interleukin enhancer-binding factor 2 homolog −8.383704292 Down
cichka_Cluster812 interferon regulatory factor 1 2.652601218 Up
cichka_Cluster1474 matrix metalloproteinase-9 −5.851050959 Down
cichka_Cluster1667 chemokine-like factor −8.189824559 Down