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Table 1 Antibodies used in the immunostaining of leukocyte surface markers

From: Effect of pre-weaning concentrate supplementation on peripheral distribution of leukocytes, functional activity of neutrophils, acute phase protein and behavioural responses of abruptly weaned and housed beef calves

Specificity Cell types Clone Isotype Working solution Source1
CD4 T-helper/inducer cells CC8 IgG2a 7 μL/mL Serotec
CD8 T-cytotoxic/suppressor cells CC63 IgG2a 7 μL/mL Serotec
WC1 Subset of γδ T cells CC15 IgG2a 7 μL/mL Serotec
MHC class II Antigen presenting cells (B cells, activated T cells) H42A IgG2a 7 μL/mL VMRD
CD62L L-selectin BAQ92A IgG1 14 μL/mL VMRD
G1 Neutrophils (and eosinophils) MM20A IgG1 14 μL/mL VMRD
CD45 All leukocytes (pan marker)2 CC1 IgG1 3.5 μL/mL Serotec
IgG1 isotype Mouse IgG1a negative control - - 7 μL/mL Serotec
IgG2a isotype Mouse IgG2a negative control - - 7 μL/mL Serotec
  1. 1Serotec (Oxford, UK), VMRD (Pullman, WA, USA).
  2. 2Used to differentiate leukocyte populations and exclude debris (gate analysis).