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Table 3 Guidelines to refine experimental surgical procedures involving rabbits modified from Stokes et al. 2009 [9].

From: Reported analgesic administration to rabbits undergoing experimental surgical procedures

Recommendation Reference (s)
   (1) Analgesic administration
Administer at least one dose of systemic analgesia to all rabbits undergoing recovery surgical procedures that are likely to be painful Dobromylskj et al. [20], Kohn et al. [18]
Consider the use of multimodal analgesia when pain is likely to be moderate to severe Committee on Recognition and Alleviation of Pain in Laboratory Animals [14], Dobromylskj et al. [20], Flecknell [13], Kohn et al. [18]
Consider the use of preemptive analgesia  
Match analgesic administration (dose rate, dose intervals and duration of administration) to the severity of the procedure  
   (2) Reporting of experimental procedures involving rabbits
Authors should include more information on analgesia and pain assessment in methods of peer-reviewed publications Hawkins [21]
In editorial policies/'Instructions to authors' editors should request that analgesic administration be specified and if analgesics were withheld to explain why Hawkins [21], Richardson and Flecknell [22]
Report animal details in sufficient detail Smith et al.[16]
   (3) Future research
Future research into effective pain assessment in rabbits Leach et al.[23]