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Table 2 Composition and diplotypes of the USMARC Sheep PRNP Control Panel version 28

From: Ovine reference materials and assays for prion genetic testing

     Prnpcodon genotypesa Genotypes for sample identificationb
Acc. No.
animal no.
Breed Sex codons
136 154
112 136 141 154
171 237
1c 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
AY907691 200423666 MARCIII Composite ram ARR, ARR MALRRL, MALRRL R C Y T R W G T G R G K W G R G Y Y R C
DQ345759 200323140 MARCIII Composite eve ARR, ARQ MALRRL, MALRQL G Y Y Y A T T Y R G G T W S G A Y C R Y
AY907682 199735002 Rambouillet ram ARR, AHQ MALRRL, MALHQL A C C C R W G T G R G G W G R R Y C G T
AY907681 200450394 Texel cross ram ARR, ARH MALRRL, MALRHL R T Y C R W G C R A T O T S G R Y Y R C
AY907688 200423500 MARCIII Composite ram ARR, VRQ MALRRL, MVLRQL A Y T Y A T G C R R K G W S A R Y Y G T
EF189729 200665217 Navajo Churro cross ewe ARR, ARK MALRRL, MALRKL G Y Y T G W K C R A G K T S G R Y C A Y
AY907689 200423510 MARCIII Composite ram ARQ, ARQ MALRQL, MALRQL R C C Y A A G T R R K K W S R R Y T A Y
AY907687 200206039 Texel ram ARQ, AHQ MALRQL, MALHQL G Y Y Y R A G Y A A K K A S G A T Y A C
AY907693 200450134 Texel cross ram ARQ, ARH MALRQL, MALRHL R Y Y T G A K T R A K G T G R R T Y G C
AY907690 200423529 MARCIII Composite ram ARQ, VRQ MALRQL, MVLRQL R T Y Y G T K C R R T G A C A R T Y R Y
EF189727 200665234 Navajo Churro cross ram ARQ, ARK MALRQL, MALRKL R Y Y Y G W G Y R A K T T G G G O C R Y
AY909542 199935904 Rambouillet ram AHQ, AHQ MALHQL, MALHQL A C T C G T K Y G R K K A C G R Y Y A Y
AY907692 200450114 Texel cross ewe AHQ, ARH MALHQL, MALRHL R T Y C R W G Y R A K G W S G A T T R Y
AY907686 200177091 Rambouillet-Romanov ewe AHQ, VRQ MALHQL, MVLRQL R Y T C R T G Y R G T G W S G R Y T A Y
EF189725 200665201 Navajo Churro cross ram AHQ, ARK MALHQL, MALRKL A C Y Y R W G T R A G K A G G A Y C R Y
AY907683 200006024 Texel ram ARH, ARH MALRHL, MALRHL A C C C R W K Y G A T K A G G A O C R C
AY907694 200450173 Texel cross ewe ARH, VRQ MALRHL, MVLRQL R T Y Y G W G Y G A T G W S G R Y Y R C
EF189726 200665213 Navajo Churro cross ram ARH, ARK MALRHL, MALRKL A Y Y T G T G C A A K T A G R G O C A Y
AY907685 200123331 MARCIII Composite ewe VRQ, VRQ MVLRQL, MVLRQL R C Y Y R W G C G G K G W S R G O Y R C
EF189722 200665222 Navajo Churro cross ewe VRQ, ARK MVLRQL, MALRKL R C T T G W K Y R R K K A G G G Y Y R Y
EF189728 200665931 Barbados Black Belly ram ARK, ARK MALRKL, MALRKL R Y C C R T G Y A G T K T S A A Y Y R T
FJ404779 200117482 MARCIII Composite ewe ARQ, ARR MALRQL, MALRRL R Y C Y A A K C A R G T T S G A Y C A T
FJ404777 200210034 MARCIII Composite ewe ARQ, ARQ MALRQL, TALRQL R C T C A A K C A A G T A C G R T C A Y
FJ404778 200310125 MARCIII Composite ewe ARQ, ARQ TALRQL, TALRQL G T Y Y R A K Y R A K T A G A R C C A Y
EF189723 200603590 Navajo Churro cross ram ARQ, ARQ MALRQL, TALRQL G T C C A W K T R R T G T S R R Y Y G C
EF189724 200277004 MARCIII Composite ewe ARQ, ARQ MALRQL, MAFRQL R Y C C R W K Y G A G T A C R G Y C G C
-d - - - ARQ, ARQ MALRQL, MAFRQP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
- - - - ARQ, ARQ MAFRQL, MAFRQL - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FJ404776 200865003 MARCIII Composite ewe ARQ, ARQ MAFRQL, MAFRQP R T C T R W T C A A G G W S R R Y Y R T
GQ380576 200941201 MARCIII Composite ram ARQ, ARQ MAFRQP, MAFRQP - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
  1. aThe predicted amino acid residues haplotypes inferred from those known to be segregating in these USMARC sheep populations.
  2. bAutosomal SNP markers were selected from those reported by Kijas et al. (PLoS ONE. 2009;4(3):e4668). The genotypes were obtained by Sanger sequencing. Homozygous genotypes are listed as a single letter corresponding to the nucleotide at those sites, whereas, IUB ambiguity codes denote heterozygous genotypes those site: Y = C,T; R = A,G; M = A,C; K = G,T; W = A,T; S = C,G. Genotypes listed as "O" indicate missing information. The SNP marker properties and details are available at this site: Marker 250506CS is ISGC EST 250506CS3900218700001.
  3. cMarker names: 1, CZ920950; 2, DU183112; 3, DU191809; 4, DU202116; 5, DU202534; 6, DU223430; 7, DU232778; 8, DU247686; 9, DU275655; 10, DU301854; 11, DU320019; 12, DU351298; 13, DU360304; 14, DU366451; 15, DU383209; 16, DU442796; 17, DU487949; 18, DU494996; 19, DU499024; 20, 250506CS3900218700001.
  4. dInformation expected to be available in fall of 2010.