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Figure 4

From: Transmissibility studies of vacuolar changes in the rostral colliculus of pigs

Figure 4

Western immunoblot of caudal medulla of selected pigs from each group.


1      Biotinylated molecular mass marker

No PK   PK+   Animal ID

2         8      BSE group (positive) - PR463

3         9      BSE group (positive) - PR443

4         11     Pre-1996 group (negative) - PR469

5         12     Post-1996 group (negative) - PR476

6         13     BSE group (negative, clinical suspect) - PR442

7         14     Un-inoculated pig (negative) - PR459

          10     NZ-brain (negative) - PR591

          15     Bovine BSE positive control

          16     Ovine scrapie positive control

VLA Hybrid technique (discriminatory WB) using core mAb, 6H4 (Figure A), and 'N' terminal mAbs, P4 (Figure B) and 12B2 (Figure C), to distinguish scrapie from BSE. Treatment with and without PK was used to visualise PrPres and PrPc respectively.

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