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Table 1 Definitions of foot and limb lesions

From: A cross sectional study of prevalence, risk factors, population attributable fractions and pathology for foot and limb lesions in preweaning piglets on commercial farms in England

Lesion classification


Limb lesion1


Hairless patch

Hair is missing but the epidermis is unbroken and no scab is present.

Skin abrasion

Loss of the outer epidermis resulting in an open wound or a healing wound with a scab

Foot lesion 1,2


Sole bruising

Congestion and bruising of the solar corium presenting as red or brown pigmentation

Sole erosion

Loss of horny tissue



Swollen joint or claw

Swelling of the tarsal, carpal, carpophalangeal, digital joint or the claws of the foot

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