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Figure 4

From: Immunohistochemical and biochemical characteristics of BSE and CWD in experimentally infected European red deer (Cervus elaphus elaphus)

Figure 4

IHC profile of PrPd types present in BSE infected deer (green) and CWD infected deer (red). Profiles represent a single deer from each of the BSE and CWD infected groups. All six of the deer challenged i.c. with BSE and the single positive orally dosed deer presented consistent profiles on subjective examination that were unlike those of the CWD infected deer. (ITNR, intraneuronal; ITAS, intra-astrocytic; ITMG, intra-microglial; STEL, stellate; SBPL, sub-pial; SBEP, sub-ependymal; PVRS, peri-vascular; PVAC, peri-vacuolar; PRCO, particulate coalescing; LINR, linear; PNER, perineuronal; VASC, vascular; EPEN, Ependymal).

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