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Archived Comments for: Idiopathic Brainstem Neuronal Chromatolysis (IBNC): a novel prion protein related disorder of cattle?

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  1. Effects of prion infection

    Andrew Carmichael, University of Central Lancashire

    14 October 2008

    I refer to recent work in Alzheimer's showing that the damage is caused not by protein misfolding but by metabolic changes in the cells defending themselves by entombment of the HSV1 viral attacker in amyloid tangles. It is known that some people and some animals are immune to prion attack because they do not possess the gene PrPc. It seems possible that in those who do have this as PrPc+ or++ gene the cell may have its metabolism changed whilst forming defensive proteins incorporating and neutralising the prion. This may better explain the effects seen in vCJD which resemble a speeded up AD and/or PD. It also adds an interesting dimension to the hunt for other prions as possible causes of neurodegenerative disease.

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