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Table 1 Potential between farm transmission routes of avian influenza virus.

From: Contact structures in the poultry industry in Great Britain: Exploring transmission routes for a potential avian influenza virus epidemic

Vehicles People Fomites Environment
Litter disposal Catchers and Thinners Catching equipment Wildfowl
Catching Drivers Containers Water and Feed
Disposal and replacement Cleaning teams Pallets Airborne (dust)
Cleaning Artificial Insemination Teams Culling equipment Flying insects
Dead bird collection Area Managers Workman's clothes Game birds (shows)
Imports Farm staff Dead bird collecting  
Hatching egg collection Dead bird collectors Holding station  
Feed delivery Vets Raw feed Material  
  1. Transmission routes are broken down into sub-categories, which are then ranked in order of potential risk of acting as a transmission route of disease, from most important to least important.