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Table 4 Scrapie diagnosis in medial retropharyngeal lymph nodes from animals mostly with unknown age at death*.

From: Rapid and discriminatory diagnosis of scrapie and BSE in retro-pharyngeal lymph nodes of sheep

  scrapie positive in CNS scrapie negative in CNS
all genotypes 51/61 53/61 1/7 1/7
per genotype     
ARQ/ARQ 5/7 6/7 0/1 0/1
ARQ/ARR none none 0/2 0/2
VRQ/VRQ 6/6 6/6 none none
ARQ/VRQ 32/32 32/32 1/2 1/2
ARH/VRQ 7/7 7/7 none none
ARR/VRQ 1/9 2/9 0/2 0/2
  1. * Sources of animals were own flocks, clinical suspects, and slaughtered or fallen stock animals aging >18 m collected under EU surveillance program for small ruminants (see Methods section and for individual data Table in "additional file 1"). Figures indicate the number of positives/total number of animals analyzed. The analyses on central nervous system (CNS) were performed by Prionics Check and IHC, and concerned obex tissue analysis.
  2. Animal aging 65 m, found dead from minimal scrapieincidence pressure flock.
  3. There were two samples (RLN65 and RLN67) which in three WB tests yielded once a weakly positive result, and twice (including after a concentration treatment) a negative result. In IHC, RLN65 was weakly positive, RLN 67 negative.