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Table 6 Main factors driving the decision process of farmers according to risk perception and abortion notifications

From: Why do farmers and veterinarians not report all bovine abortions, as requested by the clinical brucellosis surveillance system in France?

  Rate of abortion notifications
Low High
Perceived risk of introduction of an animal disease in their herd Low Practical difficulties Respect for the law
  High Lack of relationship Sanitary and economical factors
  1. The typology of interviewed farmers was based on two considerations: their perception of risk and their attitude towards abortion notification. They were scored on these two considerations as negative or positive, i.e. low versus high perceived risk of introducing an animal disease into their herd, and low versus high rate of abortion notification. On the basis of these two considerations, four groups of farmers were identified, being especially influenced by incentives, health and economic factors, practical difficulties, or poor integration in socio-technical networks respectively.