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Table 5 Socio-technical factors taken into account by farmers and veterinarians in their decision-making process

From: Why do farmers and veterinarians not report all bovine abortions, as requested by the clinical brucellosis surveillance system in France?

Factor Reasons for reporting abortions1 Reasons for not reporting abortions1
Farmer Relationships with veterinary services and the GDS   Limited interactions
    Farmers did not feel responsible for early detection of brucellosis
  Relationships with veterinarians Trust in the veterinarian’s expertise (even though one farmer required further advice from the GDS) No trust in the expertise of the sanitary veterinarian and consultation of another practitioner in the event of health problems
   Explanations by the veterinarian of the advantages and limits of differential diagnosis Difficulties due to the absence of consideration by veterinarians: for example, animal sales had been stopped for several weeks after a seropositive result obtained from a differential diagnosis about which the farmer had not been informed
Veterinarians Relationships with veterinary services and the GDS Role of the sanitary veterinarian Absence of a technical added-value
    Feeling of being under the supervision of veterinary services and the GDS
    Dissatisfaction with veterinary services including lack of information on surveillance results, lack of technical training, lack of discussion about their difficulties
  Technical network Some veterinarians have their own expert network Lack of technical support should they have difficulties in identifying the cause of abortion
  Relationships with farmers   Blame farmers for not systematically consulting them in the event of abortion despite their messages to increase farmers’ awareness
    Farmers’ expectations and difficulties taken into account: no differential diagnoses were performed on farms where animals were sold abroad or if technical difficulties in determining the cause of abortion were feared
  1. 1For farmers, reasons for calling their veterinarian in the event of abortions; for veterinarians, reasons for reporting abortion and performing a differential diagnosis.