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Table 4 Cost-benefit analysis by veterinarians deciding whether to report abortions and make a differential diagnosis

From: Why do farmers and veterinarians not report all bovine abortions, as requested by the clinical brucellosis surveillance system in France?

Factors Benefits Costs
Regulations Professional conscientiousness Lack of technical justification: a brucellosis outbreak would be detected by a significant abortion episode or by active surveillance
  Technical justification: brucellosis may cause late abortion (after six months of pregnancy  
Technical Technical interest in identifying the cause of the abortion Difficulties in identifying the cause of abortion
   Lack of knowledge: when veterinarians carried out a differential diagnosis, they included known abortive diseases with a known diagnosis protocol and effective measures to reduce the occurrence of abortions; their diagnosis protocol sometimes differed from scientific requirements. One veterinarian did not report an abortion because he did not know which diseases other than brucellosis to include
   Low impact of sanitary and medical measures to prevent further abortions due to enzootic diseases
Financial   The farmer refused to pay additional costs for analyses and sanitary/medical measures to prevent further abortions
Practical   Time schedule with farmer
   Lack of time to seek advice about differential diagnosis