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Table 3 Cost-benefit analysis by farmers deciding whether to call their veterinarian for an abortion

From: Why do farmers and veterinarians not report all bovine abortions, as requested by the clinical brucellosis surveillance system in France?

Factors Benefits Costs
Regulations Professional conscientiousness No added-value for the farmer as there is no enforcement
  Avoid sanctions  
   Lack of technical justification: they believed a brucellosis outbreak would be detected by a significant abortion episode or by active surveillance
Health Identify cause of abortion Difficulties in identifying the cause: one farmer stopped reporting abortions after an unsuccessful differential diagnosis to identify the cause
  Ensure the absence of a specific disease or diseases in general (some farmers were not aware that brucellosis is the only disease tested)  
  Care for the aborting cow  
Financial Free visit Financial costs of additional analyses and sanitary/medical measures to prevent further abortions
Economic Prevent further abortions Lower sales of animals from a herd with seropositive animals
Practical   Animal has to be caught