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Table 1 C. pecorum screening results for samples taken from the two SBE diseased calves

From: Molecular and pathological insights into Chlamydia pecorum-associated sporadic bovine encephalomyelitis (SBE) in Western Australia

Host Anatomical site C. pecorumqPCR screen C. pecoruminfectious load*
WA/B31 Lung A POS 1.7x104
  Lung B POS 1.5x104
  Liver** POS 1.1x105
  Ileal tissue** POS 1.8x103
  Mesenteric lymph node** POS 6.3x101
WA/B65 Lung POS 2.6x104
  Liver** POS 3.2x103
  Brain POS 4.0x105
  Heart** POS 9.7x103
  Blood Clot POS 7.2x102
  Kidney** POS 1.8x101
  1. *Mean No. of copies of 202 bp C. pecorum 16S ribosomal DNA PCR product per microliter of the tissue extracted DNA; ** Tissues in which no significant lesions were identified.